Static analysis is enjoying a fast growing success, both in academia and through adoption in the industry. Recent researches have lead to the development of sound, precise, and efficient tools, that are employed routinely in industry, for instance to enforce the correctness of sequential embedded critical software. Yet, for concurrent software, which are more and more prevalent even in the embedded critical word, providing sound analyses achieving the same level of precision and scalability as state-of-the-art sequential analyses remains a challenge.

The workshop aims at promoting the development and deployment of such sound, precise, and scalable analyses for concurrent software. It will present some of the latest research results and industrial applications in the area. Topic of interest include: real-time systems, interrupt-based and priority-based scheduling, run-time errors, concurrency-specific hazards (data-races, deadlocks), multi-core software, weakly consistent memories, etc. The workshop will include reports on the results achieved in the AstréeA project funded by French ANR.


The scientific program of the workshop will consist of invited lectures from researchers and engineers, with academic and industrial backgrounds. It will present complementary points of views on the theory and practice of the verification of concurrent software by static analysis, including:


Attending the workshop

The workshop will be held on September 11th, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It is co-located with SAS 2016 (23rd Static Analysis Symposium), PPDP 2016 (18th International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming), LOPSTR 2016 (Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation) and affiliated workshops.

Registration is handled through the common PPDP-LOPSTR-SAS portal. You will also find there information about location, accommodation and travel.

Detailed program

The workshop takes place just after NSAD 2016.
The workshop starts at 11:30 with a talk common with NSAD, and continues in the afternoon.

Program committee

Thanks to the PPDP 2016 - LOPSTR 2016 - SAS 2016 organising committee, and the SAS chairs for their support!

Abstracts & Slides


The workshop is sponsored by the AstréeA project (ANR-11-INSE-014) from the French Agence nationale de la recherche.